T-Shirt Time! Old Shirt = Cute workout tank

So I have a new obsession with Pinterest…yes I’m late to the game, but I usually am with all things computer. I LOVE all the DIY ideas on the site. And since I just moved and got rid of half my stuff and half my closest, I could use some inspiration to cheaply decorate my house and revamp my closet.

Between running races and my promotional modeling job I have a plethora of t-shirts in my closet that I only wear to bed or to the gym. But they are usually a last resort because I would rather wear a cute tank top instead of a t-shirt. Solution…make the tee into a TANK, genius. The original person to come up with this idea deserves a hug and a high five! I commandeered this idea from this beauty: http://dollarssenseandmore.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/diy-tank-top-fashion-on-a-budget/

Yes! I Did Tough Mudder!

Step 1: Choose a shirt, one that is a little big and not form fitting seems to work better.










No collar, No sleeves, no problem


Step 2: Cut off the collar and the sleeves






Almost Finished!


Step 3: Make a cut down the middle of the front 2-3 inches, the deeper the sexier

Step 4: Do the same to the back of the shirt 2-3 inches

Step 5: Cut the sleeve holes about an inch from the neck line. (I did mine even in the front and the back, I think I am going to try another one making deeper cuts in the back so it’s a little sexier, bringing sexy back)





Who knew fabric curls so easily?!?


Step 6: Using the scraps from the sleeves cut an 8×2” strip of fabric. Pull at both ends of the strip until it curls up.










All tied up in knots


Step 7: On the back of the shirt, put the strip through both sleeves of the shirt and tightly wrap it around twice. Tie it with a double knot. (you can leave it like this or…) Wrap it around to the other side and tie another double knot. Pull really tight and cut off any remaining fabric.








Ready for the gym!


Ta Dah!!!

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